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Fa-boo-lous Ghosting Stories

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I wish I knew why. New clients often turn to us when their graphic designer has ghosted them – and I wish I knew why.

“Our designer has disappeared off the face of the earth.”
“I’ve emailed him three times, but he’s not responding.”
“Apparently, the designer has flown the coop.”

These are the ones we know about, and naturally we were able to help – and acquired new clients in the process. But as a graphic designer myself, it irks me that my fellow designers treat clients this way.

The fading-phenom has become all too real as gig sites like and 99designers surge in popularity. And though these are the source of most ghosting stories, I said I wouldn’t bash them when I wrote this. So I’ll just SMH and walk away.

So, d’ya have a ghost story for us?

C’mon, spill the tea. We want to hear your “ghosted by my designer” story. Leave us a comment, message me or send me an email. We’d really like to know why this keeps happening to Marketers like you and what you’ve done about it.

Oh, in my previous post, Ghosted by my Graphic Designer, I suggested that Marketers could vet the designer like a job interview, but I realize it’s too late for that now. So, if your designer is constantly blowing deadlines or you’re having to repeatedly ask (beg) them for updates, that’s a red flag, and your designer may soon become a vanishing act.

Amp up your design know-how.

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We know Marketers like you often have to do your own graphic design. And with apps like Photoshop, InDesign, Canva and Powerpoint, creating content can be fast and easy. But c’mon man, those are just tools.

And just ‘cause I can play Oasis’ Wonderwall on the guitar, that doesn’t make me a Rockstar –mastering those design apps doesn’t make anyone a designer.

But diving into blog posts and articles on graphic design can really help. So, amp up your design know-how by coming back here often to read our design tips like Nacho Average Tips and Abandon All Tips.

You may not become a Rockstar overnight, but we’re betting your content will get more eyeballs and convert more leads. All by amping up your design.

Soooo, you’re hangry for puns?

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Perfect, then you’ve come to the right place. We often post short, easy to follow tips that Marketers like you may find useful. At the very least, we may entertain you for 28.5 seconds. If you lol, then come back again. Agreed?

But why puns?

Well, pun of a gun. You just realized we use an unhealthy amount of puns. But why not? Do you really want to read more design articles on color psychology, the Golden Ratio and Gestalts Principles? Hells no. Leave the heavy lifting to your graphic designer. We want you to spend time getting to know us, and how easy going we are. I wanted to do Dad jokes, but my Team suggested puns were funnerer.

That’s it. Nice to see you (literally, we have awesome analytics), but have a look around and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

Ok, on to the main blog page. But don’t forget to come back. We’re not just a pun hit wonder, you know.