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By December 15, 2020 Tips

Oh deer, Christmas is here!

Marketers were well-prepared this year. We’ve already designed their eCards, Christmas cards and festive-themed content. But we know some of you procrastinate. We do too, so maybe, just maybe, this post will light a fire.

So, put on the yule-log, here are 4 Holiday-themed marketing items you can do right now.


Many people feel that eCards are a tad impersonal, and maybe effortless. They’re not wrong, but for those with tight budgets, this is still a great solution, and the bare minimum you should do. We design a lot of these, so they can be whipped-up in no time. Oh, and Canva is a great place for the elf-taught designer or for those with an even tighter budget.

Christmas Cards

With so much online clutter this year, a lot of Marketers chose to design, print and mail Christmas Cards. One client tripled the quantity from 2,000 to 6,000, wow! It’s amazing how mail and direct mail get eyeballs, so I’d argue that this is the year to consider print. We’ve got a tree-mendous print-partner and can get smaller quantities done before the big day.

Social Posts

Make your Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook lit this season. But think beyond one simple post and design two or three of ‘em. And don’t go for the safe, conservative stock images. Yawn! Be memorable and make an impact. From Happy Holidays to expressing gratitude and wishes for the New Year, now is the time to get those messages out on your social channels.

Hey wait, no puns? Don’t worry, there will be myrrh.

Holiday Themed Content

While it may take time to design and develop new content for the Holidays, we suggest giving your existing content a festive-facelift. What a great opportunity to re-release your sales deck, white paper or infographic with a Holiday theme. We’ll even show you how to do it tactfully and on-brand. Oh, and don’t fir-get your website. It’s easy to add a Holiday message to your home page right now.

So, unsure how to start? Message me and I’ll walk you through the process. It’s snow easy.

And finally, can I get a round of Santa-plause?

Ugh, enough Greg.

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