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By November 6, 2020 November 14th, 2020 Client Relations

Amp up your design know-how.

We know Marketers like you often have to do your own graphic design. And with apps like Photoshop, InDesign, Canva and Powerpoint, creating content can be fast and easy. But c’mon man, those are just tools.

And just ‘cause I can play Oasis’ Wonderwall on the guitar, that doesn’t make me a Rockstar –mastering those design apps doesn’t make anyone a designer.

But diving into blog posts and articles on graphic design can really help. So, amp up your design know-how by coming back here often to read our design tips like Nacho Average Tips and Abandon All Tips.

You may not become a Rockstar overnight, but we’re betting your content will get more eyeballs and convert more leads. All by amping up your design.

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I’m Greg Carmichael (the guy that wrote this), and the Creative Director at Synergy Design. We’re a graphic design creative agency in Streetsville, Mississauga, which is just outside of Toronto, Canada. Simply put, our team of 7 graphic designers provide enterprise-level graphic design for marketers, laser-focused on creating digital marketing content and print collateral too. If you learned something here today, or if I made you LOL, consider reaching out to start a conversation on how my Team can elevate your marketing content. [email protected] • 416-737-9432

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